Customer Interaction and Experience Management Software for Financial Institutions

  • eCO Integration Platform
  • The foundation of a web services integration solution, hosted on a cloud platform, to enable the automation of the customer experience.

  • Delivery Channel
  • Our teller, call center and IVR solutions deliver robust functionality through open technology that eliminates information silos.

Our Mission

Delivering on great experiences to enrich financial relationships.

Our Vision

To truly engage in highly personalized servicing, selling and building customer/member loyalty, one must break down data and channel systems silos once and for all.

KIVA's software coupled with our Best Practical Performance® approach to deployment and our strong integration capabilities have challenged the status quo - ever evolving to help banks and credit unions serve customers and members exceptionally well, across all touch points.

Our Features

CUFX standard

KIVA has developed pre-built CUFX enabled micro-services that integrate to the major core banking providers within the financial industry. Our integration software offering simplifies the technology adoption progress, enables innovation, and ultimately improves the member/customer experience.

Best Practical Performance®

Best Practical Performance® is the proven methodology by which we approach the deployment of all of our Respect unified software solutions. We fundamentally believe that only by engaging the user community through partnership, user participation, collaboration and communication can any new technology be successfully deployed and begin to add value to an organization.

Our Delivery Process

KIVA has adopted a CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) approach for managing the delivery of our integration software. This approach enhances our development process, testing automation, and final delivery of software to any designated environment with speed, safety, and reliability.

Cloud enabled

KIVA integration software is implemented utilizing Kubernetes to manage containerized applications (e.g. Dockerized applications) across a cluster of nodes on any cloud infrastructure. Pre-built micro services are available to be deployed to the nodes within the Kubernetes cluster. Each micro service is self-contained within a docker image.

Our Services

Sales Management

The RespectTM Sales Management solution enables you to establish a single, end-to-end sales process across the enterprise.

Performance & Incentives

The KIVA RespectTM Performance & Incentive solution provides a parameter-driven framework for defining sales objectives and sales incentive plans.

Integration Solutions

As digital transformation advances, the KIVA RespectTM integration solution provides the integration technology and services to provide data to further member/customer insights which can used to enhance customer experiences and provide operational benefits and competitive advantages


Our unified Teller (uT) system delivers the full range of online and off-line teller transaction processing and much more. With this software you can introduce new approaches for customer interaction management and a flexible infrastructure that unifies all of your customer service delivery technology.

Communication Center

RespectTM Communication Center is a highly flexible, multi-channel solution that provides the complete spectrum of call center capabilities (i.e. CTI, web chat, email, social media) as well as an effective approach for achieving personalized member and customer service.

Telebanking IVR

RespectTM Telebanking IVR is an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) and can be your institution’s most cost-effective means of providing members/customers with access to information and 24/7 transaction services.

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